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I produced this site in order to encourage the use of ultrasound in regional anaesthesia having faced some reluctance among some colleagues. With practice USGRA should be faster to perform, faster to onset, more reliable and safer than traditional regional anaesthesia. US techniques in RA also compliment the placement of vascular access under US, which following the NICE recommendations is becoming an essential skill. We await their finding with regard to US guided RA with anticipation.


I am currently a specialist registrar in anaesthesia training in the Wessex region of the UK. I am currently working in Portsmouth where US guided Regional techniques are gaining popularity. I have recently completed a Fellowship in Regional Anaesthesia at The Royal Perth Hospital in Perth, Western Australia. This is the trauma centre for the whole of WA, the regional spinal unit and burns centre. It is also a busy teaching hospital. Other than regional anaesthesia my interests include teaching and TIVA.


There are some people I would like to thank for their patience and kindness. They are the teachers that have taught, helped and encouraged me whilst I have been learning US techniques:-

Dr Kirk Langley is the Lead Clinician for Regional Anaesthesia in the RPH and the Director of the Regional Anaesthesia Fellowship. He encouraged me in all aspects of RA especially US guidance which is a growing interest in the hospital, mainly because of his influence. He was also kind enough to model for the photographs on this web site.

Dr David Rapeport is Consultant Anaesthetist in the RPH, his enthusiasm for new anaesthetic techniques is infectious, especially in regional techniques.

Dr Simon Williams is a Consultant Anaesthetist in Salisbury District Hospital, he introduced me to US guided RA and started my interest in the subject.

The images on the site were made with the Sonosite M-Turbo and S-Nerve ultrasound machines. The M-Turbo was kindly loaned by Sonosite Australia. Adam West and DC from Sonosite were very generous in their help in producing the photos.


The site was constructed with Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 and photos and graphics were manipulated with Adobe Photoshop CS3. I have tested the site in IE, Firefox and Opera. The site is written in XHTML and utilizes CSS.








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