Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

The leading education publication for anaesthesia in the UK. Clear, concise and informative. Our kind sponsor. Please check out their site.


AnaesthesiaUKAnaesthesiaUK (formerly The premiere resource for passing both the Primary and Final exam. Essential reading, concise and informative.



The Royal College of Anaesthetists Website. Features the exam timetable and application form. Also some useful publications. Required reading.



The Association of Anaesthetists. Home of Anaesthesia, GAT and a lot of useful resources and publications. Visit now and join a network of UK doctors featuring email, news, resources and education. The Anaesthesia forum is well worth a visit.


The Anaesthesia Education Website

An Australian anaesthetic website featuring MCQs, SAQs tutorials and advice on passing the Australian FRCA. A useful collection of resources.





Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

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