The Course


We hold intensive 2 day courses in Bristol and Southampton that take place simultaneously a few weeks before the final vivas are held.

The first day is dedicated to small group viva practice sessions in physiology, pharmacology, anatomy, and physics/equipment questions. We also aim to target your presentation of clinical information for the exam.

Exam technique is highlighted with a video viva session. This will enable you to assess how the examiner sees you and together we can work on presentation skills.

The second day is a formal day in which we recreate the college exam conditions. Each candidate will do 6 clinical long cases, 12 clinical short cases and 4 full basic science vivas.
Each candidate has a mentor, with whom they can discuss the course, the candidates performance in the practice sessions and to get further advice. There is time allocated throughout the second day for formal feedback from the examiners.




Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

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