About Us


Course Chairman: Harry Akerman

SCIF Course Director: Hatty Edgar

SCIF Course Organisers: Shiny Shankar and Liz Read

BIF Course Director: Tracey Christmas

BIF Course Organisers: Natasha Joshi, Ruth Murphy, Siobhan King

SCIF was set up following on from the highly successful SCIP course. A group of 3 enthusiastic registrars designed and set up the course with the help of 5 other SpRs to assist in the writing of the course material.

We ran the course for the first time in November 2006 and have held two courses a year ever since. The Bristol course was launched in November 2009. 

Over 85% of our candidates have gone onto pass the exam at that sitting.

We are a non profit making course and all the tutors, mentors and organisers put in a considerable amount of work on a voluntary basis to ensure you get the best course possible.






Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Medicine

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